June Peeps and Wolfie

Juno and Kiba are much more than dogs. My wife and I consider them our children. They are the most spoiled and pampered pups I’ve ever met. Ashley and I moved out to California 2 years ago for 7 months. We didn’t have the greatest luck out there, given how expensive everything is. However, it did spark and idea for us. We are currently working on a children’s book titled June Peeps and Wolfie Ride Across America. We have hundreds of pictures and memories from driving out there and coming back. The landscape was like a fantasy, things I had never seen and terrains I had never walked. It was definitely and interesting journey.

We are working together on the story for June Peeps and Wolfie Ride Across America, coming up with a whimsical and charming tale of two adventurous pups. Juno is a Black Lab/German Shepherd mix and Kiba is a German Shepherd/Wolf mix. She is quite lazy and sweet while he is full of energy and bombastic. We’re all really excited to tell this story and see where it takes us.

This is the cover of June Peeps and Wolfie Ride Across America. We hope you like it!

Juno Dirty Paws Morgan
Kiba Wolfie Morgan


Our cat Izzie was quite a bit older and enjoyed having her own space. We created a “room” for her with food, water, and a litter box. We lined it with soft, plush blankets for her to lay on. We took a few of her favorite toys, quite tattered from play, and made a little nest for just her. I made her this sign for her “room” to let her puppies, Juno and Kiba, know this was a space just for her. She had passed on now but I know she’s somewhere where the catnip is plentiful and the cat trees are endless.

Izzie “Izabel” Bucket

Painting Pots

Summer is pretty much over but my wife and I always have a good time painting terra cotta pots. For me, art really is therapy. It calms me down and grounds me to the here and now. Often, I’m worried about what could go wrong and how I would manage if the worst were to happen. Art slows me; allows me to turn off the endless cycle of my mind. These are a few of my terra cotta creations.

A bit about me…

I’m a middle aged artist. At least I like to think I’m an artist. I was a teacher for a while, focused on the Humanities and Art History. I enjoyed the glossy pictures of art that filled the text books. I tried my hardest to encompass creativity and encourage honest expression without judgment. During Graduate school, I studied the connection between creativity and madness, the role of humor in how we cope with our existential world, and the tenuous border between illusion and reality. I’ve traveled a bit, learned to adapt to a culture unlike my own.

I hope, through my journeys, I’ve learned to be more patient, kinder, and more positive. I know I’m not the best at looking for the bright side. I tend to be grumpy and, sometimes, angry because the world seems so unkind. I do believe I’m not too old to learn new tricks so there’s hope yet that I’ll grow a sunny disposition.